Keep Praying

Keep Praying: Audio Edition: digital download version

This collection of articles has been compiled to support your effort in continuing to pray, without fear or discouragement, even if the problems you face are daunting or persistent. These writers explain the value of staying on course with prayer, bringing results that come in no other way. These seven thoughtfully read articles and testimonies of healing have been previously published in either The Christian Science Journal or the Christian Science Sentinel.

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Table of Contents 

  • Introduction
  • Be Strong - by William E. Moody
  • Keep Praying - by Sandy Sandberg
  • The Healing Effect of Spiritual Conviction - by Rebecca MacKenzie Odegaard
  • From Health Crisis to Healing, God Was With Us - by Jacklyn J. Williams & Judy L. Wolff
  • Testimony of healing - by Iris Rosenthal
  • Testimony of healing - by Tom Quirk
  • Testimony of healing - by Stacy Jean Lee
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