Healing: Audio Edition

Healing: Audio Edition: digital download version

Christian healing is going on right now! The articles and testimonies in these audios explain healing as the natural result of learning who we are as God's children. Hear how six individuals used prayer to heal themselves and others of broken bones, a heart attack, and a severe physical disability, among other healings. Approximately 70 minutes of audio recording. The four articles and two testimonies of healing in this collection were previously published in either the Christian Science Sentinel or The Christian Science Journal.

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Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • "Trust Me, Prayer Works!" - Kindahl Jackson
  • "You Don't Have to Understand Everything Before You're Healed," - Nathan Talbot
  • "True Identity: A Conversation with Victor Westberg," - Jeffrey Hildner
  • "More Effective Healing," - Charles Ferris
  • Testimony of healing - by Philip Hockley
  • Testimony of healing - by William D. Ansley
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