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 God’s Law of Adjustment

God’s Law of Adjustment: Audio Edition: digital download version

A favorite of many, "God's Law of Adjustment" is an article that shares how to prayerfully face difficult situations at work, in families, and in one's health and feeling of well-being. In this new audio recording, hear how the presence and power of God can help us discover anew God's love for each one of us. The suspenseful testimony of protection helps us realize the priceless value of depending on God for guidance in all situations. The testimony was previously published in the Christian Science Sentinel and the article in The Christian Science Journal

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Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • God’s Law of Adjustment - by Adam H. Dickey
  • Introduction to testimony
  • Testimony of healing - by Roland H. Allen
  • Close

Format: MP3 Audio Digital Download

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