"Music Inhabiting Eternity - by Kathy Glover and Char Beck"

Inhabiting Eternity, digital download version

Album Title: Inhabiting Eternity
Artist: Kathy Glover and Char Beck 
Format: MP3 Audio Digital Download
Copyright Year: 2008

These original songs, solos, and Christian Science hymns convey a tender sense of God's ever-presence and healing love.
Celebrating 100 years of Christian Science Nursing!
Be sung to by two Christian Science nurses! This beautiful 11-track album includes original songs along with solos and Christian Science hymns with harmonized vocals. Orchestration includes acoustic and bass guitar, cello, flute, keyboards, drums, and percussion. Christian Science nurses Kathy Glover and Char Beck (vocals and guitars) convey a tender sense of God's ever-presence through this beautiful collection of healing music.


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